Dwayne Haskins Finishes Third In Heisman Trophy Voting

Ohio State football quarterback Dwayne Haskins Record

Ohio State sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins finished third in the 2018 Heisman Trophy voting.

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray won the award with 2,167 points, with Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa finishing second at 1,871 in one of the closest votes in Heisman history.

Haskins was third with 783 points.

Seven Buckeyes have won the Heisman: Les Horvath, Vic Janowicz, Hopalong Cassady, Archie Griffin (who won twice), Eddie George, and Troy Smith.

Last week, Haskins won the Silver Football as the Big Ten’s best player.

That was a fitting capper to a season in which Haskins has completely rewritten the Ohio State and Big Ten passing record books.

Haskins holds the OSU single-game and single-season records for completions, passing attempts, passing yards, passing touchdowns, and touchdowns accounted for.

His 4,580 yards passing is more than 1,500 better than the previous record of 3,330.

Haskins also holds the Big Ten single-season records for passing yards, passing touchdowns, and total offense.

He didn’t just roll up big numbers against weak defenses, either.

As Tony Gerdeman pointed out on Twitter, Haskins’ numbers against the best defenses he faced were far better than either Murray or Tagovailoa.

Below is a closer look at just how dominant Haskins has been in the context of the rest of Ohio State’s season.

Single Game Passing Yards

OSU Record: 499 by Dwayne Haskins (2018 vs. Northwestern)

Haskins: 499 vs. Purdue. His owns the 1st, 2nd, and 4th, and 5th-most yards ever thrown for in a single game.

Single Season Passing Yards

OSU Record: 4,580 by Dwayne Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 4,580 through 13 games.

Career Passing Yards

OSU Record: 9,434 by J.T. Barrett

Haskins: 5,145 so far. He is currently in 10th place all-time, between Braxton Miller and Jim Karsatos.

Single Game Pass Attempts

OSU Record: 73 by Dwayne Haskins (2018 vs. Purdue)

Haskins: 73 vs. Purdue

Single Season Pass Attempts

OSU Record: 496 by Dwayne Haskins

Haskins: 496 so far. He beat Germaine’s record (384) late in the 4th quarter against MSU.

Career Pass Attempts

OSU Record: 1,211 by J.T. Barrett

Haskins: 553. Unless you think he’s going to play until he’s a fifth-year senior, this one is probably safe. Jim Karsatos is in 10th place with 629.

Single Game Pass Completions

OSU Record: 49 by Dwayne Haskins (2018 vs. Indiana)

Haskins: 49 vs. Purdue

Single Season Pass Completions

OSU Record: 348 by Dwayne Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 348 so far. He broke Barrett’s 2017 record (240) late in the win over Nebraska.

Career Pass Completions

OSU Record: 769 by J.T. Barrett

Haskins: 388. He passed Jim Karsatos, Mike Tomczak, and Steve Bellisari to move into 8th place all-time..

Single Game Completion Percentage (min. 10 attempts)

OSU Record: 100% by Tate Martell (2018)

Haskins: 87.5% vs. Tulane (21-for-24), 3rd all-time. 86.9% vs. Rutgers (20-for-23), 4th all-time. He had two of the four most accurate passing performances in OSU history in his first four starts.

Single Season Completion Percentage

OSU Record: 65.3% Troy Smith (2006)

Haskins: 69.3% so far.

Career Completion Percentage

OSU Record: 63.5% by J.T. Barrett

Haskins: 68.9%.

Single Game Touchdown Passes

OSU Record: 6 by J.T. Barrett (2014, 2016), Kenny Guiton (2013), and Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 6 vs. Indiana and Michigan (tied school record)

Single Season Touchdown Passes

OSU Record: 47 by Dwayne Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 47 so far. He passed Barrett’s record of 35 at the end of regulation against Maryland.

Career Touchdown Passes

OSU Record: 104 by J.T. Barrett

Haskins: 51. He’s not going to catch Barrett this year, but is alone in 6th place now.

Single Season Passing Yards Per Game

OSU Record: 277.5 by Joe Germaine (1998)

Haskins: 352 so far. His average game this season would have ranked 5th all-time in single game passing coming into the year.

Consecutive Games With 200 Yards Passing

OSU Record: 13 by Dwayne Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 13 and counting. He broke a tie with Joe Germaine in the Michigan game.

200-Yard Passing Games In A Season

OSU Record: 13 by Dwayne Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 13 and counting. He broke a tie with Joe Germaine in the Michigan game.

300-Yard Passing Games In A Season

OSU Record: 9 by Dwayne Haskins (2018)

Haskins: 9 and counting. He broke a tie with Joe Germaine in the Michigan game.

300-Yard Passing Games In A Career

OSU Record: 9 by Dwayne Haskins

Haskins: 9, he broke a tie with Joe Germaine and J.T. Barrett against Northwestern.

400-Yard Passing Games In A Career

OSU Record: 5 by Dwayne Haskins

Haskins: 5 and counting.

Touchdowns Responsible For

OSU Record: 51 by Dwayne Haskins

Haskins: 51 and counting, 47 passing and 4 rushing. He broke J.T. Barrett’s old record of 47 against Northwestern.

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  1. DH faced the same issue as OSU, they both suffered from a national reputation of being over rated as OSU struggled in mid season against inferior opponents. Facts ana analysts didnt matter in the beauty show.

  2. When I saw Haskins standing with the other two QB’s on TV
    He looked like a man standing next to boys.
    I did not realize he was so much bigger.
    I hope he goes to a good Team
    That can provide pass protection and
    Excellent Receivers,
    Like he had at OSU.

  3. Dwayne Haskins joins the good company of Keith Byars and Orlando Pace as Heisman finalists who were well-deserving of being chosen for the award – but weren’t. Haskins had an unbelievable season for the Buckeyes, set records that won’t likely be reached for some time, and gave us many good memories for 2018. He’s the Heisman winner in our hearts.
    BTW, the Heisman Trophy has become a very overrated, overhyped, hopelessly skewed award anyway. The selection process – including those who are seriously considered – is flawed. Too much ado about next to nothing.

  4. A perfectly predictable- and perfectly WRONG-result. The biggest problem with the award is that the vast majority of voters DON’T DO THE RESEARCH. All most of them do is read and re-read the same trash news cycles that are put out by folks with agendas, then they assume the “news” is valid without checking on it (similar to cheating on a test in high school). There is no question all 3 are fine players; however, even a somewhat diligent attempt to distinguish between them would have resulted in a different result. The other 2 look like good college players, whereas Dwayne looks like a pro in college. Funny how Tua’s last, most important game was forgotten by the press even though he was ATROCIOUS. Had that been Haskins, ESPN would have collapsed on itself reporting it. Great season Dwayne!!

  5. All these records in just one season is unbelievable. Yet, as the season ends, he is getting better each game. I think about the late season improvement in facing pressure and still throwing accurately, better ability to evade pressure with his eyes downfield. How about as a runner in the last three games, and sliding, too, but he still has work to do there. Maybe most important though is the attitude. It appeared to me he became more of a team player who was genuinely excited to see his team mates do well. Stay or go, WHAT A TALENT!

  6. The Heisman has become a joke for several years now. It’s almost a compliment not to win it. Baker Mayfield winning it was a disgrace. The guy was arrested for underage drinking and fleeing police. His punishment? Nothing. Instead of being kicked off the team He was awarded with what is supposed to be the most prestigious award in college football. What kind of message does that send to the kids?

  7. I talked to a scout in the last couple days. His verdict was that Dwayne probably should win the award, but won’t because it’s become nothing more than farce award. His view was that Dwayne is far and away the best player, but also pro prospect not merely among the 3 in NYC, but in the entire Collegiate ranks. Dwayne would go in the 1st round, Tua maybe the 2nd or 3rd at best, and Kyler “might” get added to a practice squad by someone willing to take a risk

    When the dust settles Dwayne will not just have a successful career, but probably be a “franchise” paid pro. The other 2 won’t come near him where it matters…………….the wallet.

    1. Who did you talk to? A boy scout? Better yet, girl scout? I could care less about Kyler Murray but he will go in the top 2 rounds as will Tua. Tell your scout to stick to soapbox derby’s.

      1. Isn’t Murray going to play baseball with the Oakland A’s?

      2. Hey Bill- I just ripped you in regard to another brainless comment you made on another O-zone Heisman article. Time to switch meds, yours aren’t working anymore.

      3. Fromm looks way better as a pro prospect than Tua. I’ll go back to winning my fantasy soap box derby league championship now…

  8. I think Dwayne will be the first QB taken in the draft if he goes pro this year.

  9. I only order jerseys for National Champions and Heisman winners. I’m making an exception for Haskins. The only reason for not voting Haskins for the Heisman, would be you didn’t watch his games. That was the most incredible year you are ever going to see from a quarterback, anywhere. As bad as the year started Meyer suspended) , and ended (with Meyer leaving)… Haskins (and the incredible receiver corps) made up for all of it. The only possible knock on Haskins could have been that he had the best receiving corp in the country and that helped him with his numbers. But that’s BS and we all know it. No matter how good they are, someone has to throw them the ball.

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