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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Ryan Day Navigates Quarterback Quagmire

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr run through the week that was on the Ohio State quarterback beat. The Buckeyes received three quarterback commitments in the past week, so the fellas break it all down. They also take a look at Ryan Day’s first two years on the job and the sheer number of quarterbacks who have been involved with the program in that time. The NFL Draft is also discussed, particularly Dwayne Haskins not going to the Giants. The rest of the Buckeyes’ NFL futures are also discussed. Listener questions end the show. (Also, some Game of Thrones spoilers.)

The Rundown

+ Sorry for delaying this week’s show due to the Blue Jackets.

+ Tom gets snippy and petty.

+ This is not a judgment-free zone, apparently.

+ This show has been beneficial in the past.

+ It’s not as beneficial in the present.

+ But it’s always beneficial in the future.

+ We told you everything that was going to happen before it happened.

+ This show needs to stop talking about the future and only talk about the past.

+ Spoiler alert about Ohio State football.

+ The past week quickly rundown at quarterback.

+ It’s not ideal, but it’s the best possible situation at QB given the circumstances.

+ Chris Chugunov or Gunnar Hoak could keep things afloat if Justin Fields suffers a minor injury.

+ Just think of where the Buckeyes were two weeks ago at quarterback.

+ Gunnar Hoak and Chris Chugunov will have more talent around them at OSU than Kentucky or West Virginia.

+ Let’s talk JP Andrade.

+ Rutgers, Ole Miss, and Louisville all signed lower-rated QBs than walk-on JP Andrade.

+ You want to have as many QBs as you can so you’re not scrambling when one or two transfer out.

+ Ryan Day has hit on some best-case scenarios since dealing with some worst-case scenarios.

+ Ohio State won a national title in 2002 and their worst player was the starting quarterback.

+ Justin Fields’ role as a runner this year.

+ Reduce it, but don’t remove it.

+ The Kyle McCord commitment.

+ Buckeyes are on a good pace in 2021 right.

+ The 2021 class now has a ringleader in McCord.

+ Kyle McCord looks like you expect a Ryan Day quarterback recruit to look.

+ Could the Buckeyes bring in a second 2021 quarterback?

+ Buckeyes are looking good for some talented 2021 receivers.

+ The legacy Buckeyes of 2021.

+ The NFL will see you if you start at Ohio State.

+ Chastising Michigan recruiting materials.

+ Fifteen quarterbacks have either committed, decommitted, transferred, or played since Ryan Day arrived.

+ Jaiden Woodbey, Jackson Carman, and Micah Parsons all tweeted that Dwayne Haskins should start ahead of JT Barrett, and none of the three are Buckeyes now.

+ Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins?

+ Dave Gettleman fell in love with Daniel Jones at the Senior Bowl…in a controlled environment.

+ If you think Ohio State is in the Big XII, then you didn’t actually watch Dwayne Haskins.

+ Who would have thought a New York franchise could possibly be run by idiots.

+ Three series is not an adequate sample size.

+ What kind of NFL future will Parris Campbell have?

+ Playing indoors on turf with a good quarterback sure won’t hurt.

+ What about Terry McLaurin?

+ Been impressive to watch him grow.

+ His floor is Steve Tasker.

+ He makes his team better in more ways than just catching passes.

+ He may never be a big producer, but fans will love him.

+ Who of the remaining draftees will have the best career?

+ Should Mike Weber have come back for his fifth year?

+ Running backs should generally try and get to the NFL as quickly as possible.

+ What if Joe Burrow doesn’t break his hand in camp?

+ What if Mike Weber doesn’t get injured before the 2017 season?

+ Would Joe Burrow’s leadership have won out over Dwayne Haskins’ superior football skills.

+ Listener questions.

+ Is JK Dobbins still a lock to leave early?

+ Could he be lured back by the desire to be OSU’s all-time leading rusher?

+ Carlos Snow was done dirty.

+ *** Game of Thrones spoilers below. ***

+ *** Final Warning. ***

+ Who blew a bigger lead, Penn State in Happy Valley last year or the Night King?

+ What a choke job. A punt went off of the Night King’s heel.

+ What was the Night King’s win probability?

+ He basically had make-it-take-it and the North didn’t.

+ Tom compares the Night King to Greg Schiano.

+ Was the Night King’s plan of attack too complicated? Did he need to move the linebacker back further?

+ Tom’s mad because we paid for blood.

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