Former Buckeye QB Matthew Baldwin Finds New Home Per Report

Matthew Baldwin Ohio State Football Buckeyes

According to 247Sports, and according to his own words inside their report, former Ohio State quarterback Matthew Baldwin is transferring to TCU.

“I visited this past weekend and I had an awesome time,” Baldwin told 247’s Chris Hummer.

Baldwin, a redshirt freshman, entered the transfer portal last month following a spring quarterback competition with sophomore Justin Fields.

According to the report, Baldwin will apply for immediate eligibility.

This past winter, former Ohio State quarterback Tate Martell transferred to Miami and was essentially granted immediate eligibility because OSU didn’t put up a fight and his attorney claimed the Buckeyes didn’t want him anymore.

Lack of interest will likely not be part of Baldwin’s argument, as Ohio State certainly wanted him to remain on the roster.

Baldwin transferred in part to be closer to his Austin, Texas home. Now he’ll be a three-hour drive from home and also get to take part in an offense that will feature two very good running backs and talented receiver Jalen Reagor, who caught seven passes for 98 yards against the Buckeyes last season.

This spring, TCU began their search for a starting quarterback as last year’s starter Shawn Robinson transferred to Missouri.

Back in the spring, some reports had it a three-man battle between redshirt freshman Justin Rogers, touted true freshman Max Duggan, and Kansas State graduate transfer Alex Delton. And that doesn’t even include junior Mike Collins, who started four games for the Horned Frogs last season when Robinson went down with a shoulder injury.

Baldwin will now join a very crowded quarterback room as he works to be ready to compete for the starting job.

TCU opens the season against Arkansas-Pine Bluff on August 31. The next week, the Horned Frogs head to Purdue.

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  1. Baldwin was NOT disloyal!
    He saw Fields come in and get all the attention so he decided to go someplace where he felt he had a more level playing field and a better shot at playing. This is what it is going to be like in the new instant transfer era. Loyalty is a two way street.

    1. Really, Paul? What adjective would you use? He came to OSU and was given the red carpet treatment despite his injury- great medical care, retention of his scholarship despite the injury. Then, when he heard something he didn’t like, he left…he took all he could and LEFT without contributing anything on the field. If “disloyal” doesn’t suit you, how about “callow”?

  2. And this kind of nonsense gets immediate attention- yawn- while the death of Buckeye icon John Havlicek is deemed “newsworthy” 4/5 days later, and only after I splashed cold water on the staff’s faces? Disloyal guy who contributed ZERO= prompt story, Buckeye legend = afterthought? Soup sandwich, anyone?

    1. Dude, hate to be harsh, but give it a rest. You’re STILL harping on this?
      If you don’t like the content, go somewhere else. This is a FREE site and no one is forcing you to read any of it.

      1. “Dude”- First, you don’t hate to be harsh, or you’d keep your yap shut. Next, I’m STILL harping on it because the priorities are screwed up- at bare minimum, there should be a “mea culpa” from the writers for such a classless oversight on their parts. But, don’t worry- Matthew Baldwin “news” gets play immediately…
        Thanks for trying to tell me what I should read, by the way. Go back to sleep…

          1. No, there wasn’t -unless you consider excuse making to be a mea culpa. There was a memorial notice placed in the Basketball section several days after Hondo’s death, essentially slipped in (even back dated, as I recall). Again- and I don’t know how to make the words more plain- I’m not blaming only you. There was a group wide failure that occurred over the death of a true Buckeye legend, NOT someone who fans call a “legend” in overstatement while he’s playing, etc. For a site that claims to be about everything Buckeye, this was simply an inexcusable miss. When information about Baldwin- whose contribution to OSU was, what exactly?- is immediately published, the juxtaposition is even more profound. If you can keep flooding the site with trivial notices, I can keep weighing in on someone who actually deserves the mention.

            1. Indeed there was. Here was my initial reply to you. “It’s unfortunate that we don’t have a story on John Havlicek’s passing, I agree. The news broke DURING the NFL Draft, not 12 hours before the draft started. I was busy working on the draft until late, and then I spent some time with my family on Friday before digging into the draft again. My apologies.

              1. Funny you could reply immediately to me but NOT acknowledge Hondo’s death in a timely fashion- and, again, this applies to any staff writer, not just you. There was a TON of time to release a story during the draft (you managed something on every player drafted, after all- AND it was 4 freaking days long!). A true mea culpa would lose the excuses, be acknowledged by every one else who dropped the ball, and have an air of contrition. For a site that practically genuflects when discussing OSU sports legends, your dogged lack of acknowledgement was strange and disrespectful at best. Heck, I had practically to beg for a mention of his death!

                  1. Tap out accepted…the staff’s handling (or non-handling) of Havlicek’s death was in poor taste. Your flippant attitude is even worse, Tony. I’m sure you’ll make up for it with a riveting piece on what brand of jock strap the team uses this year. Or, you could keep trying to deflect your ineptitude by “blaming” me for actually calling all of you out on it. Next time I recommend playing chess rather than checkers (or, at least try playing against another checkers player).

  3. Redshirt freshman and he transfers already. SMH

  4. He was an injury away from being the starting QB at one of the greatest college football schools in the nation. Now, we’ll see.

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