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Best Winning Percentage Of All-Time On The Line In The Game

Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry The Game

There’s plenty at stake this weekend when Ohio State and Michigan square off in the 116th meeting of the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

There are bragging rights for the next 365 days.

Ohio State’s national championship hopes could take a tumble with a loss.

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh has lost his first four games in the series, something no other Michigan coach has ever done. Only John Cooper (1988-1991) and Albert Herrnstein (1906-1909) have ever done that as OSU head coaches.

No one has ever lost their first five meetings of The Game, and Harbaugh desperately wants to avoid making that particular type of history.

But there’s something even bigger hanging in the balance this Saturday.

The winner of this week’s Ohio State vs. Michigan game will be the winningest power conference program in NCAA history by winning percentage.

Ohio State enters the game with an official all-time record of 922-325-53. That works out to a winning percentage of .72961538. That’s the second-highest of any program that has been playing FBS football for more than 25 years.

Michigan enters with a mark of 962-344-36. Their winning percentage is .73025335. That’s the top of the list… for now.

That could all change Saturday. The teams are close enough that an Ohio State win and Michigan loss would vault the Buckeyes to No. 1 on the all-time list.

If the Bucks win their eighth-straight game in the series, they would have a record of 923-325-53, for a winning percentage of .72982321.

A Michigan loss would make the Wolverines 962-344-36, which works out to .72970961.

Now for the disclaimer: Boise State currently has the highest winning percentage of any current FBS member. The Broncos are 458-168-2 all-time, good for a .73131955 winning percentage.

They actually passed Michigan in winning percentage earlier this season to take the No. 1 spot all-time.

However, the Broncos played as a junior college, as well as in Division 2 and what was then called Division 1-AA (now FCS) for the majority of their history. They only moved up to Division 1-A (now FBS) in 1996.

So Saturday will decide not only the winningest program in a power conference, but also among the teams that have been a top-level program for more than 25 years.


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  1. I love how the snippy disrespect went out to Boise State in the article, who actually has a better winning percentage than either OSU or Michigan, but obviously it doesn’t count because they’ve only been division one since 1996, 23 years, so they arbitrarily make it 25 years. How convenient, said the church lady! We Boise fans love it, proves how some folks can’t acknowledge that little brother has grown up.

  2. Subtract the “wins” ScUM counts from the late 1800’s early 1900’s while the sport was being introduced and Wishagain would play anyone who had a pulse. Now what’s their percentage?
    Or not. I am just as happy to cite wins in my lifetime and call them the Loserines, Weaselines or just plain scheist

  3. But Tom, scUM hasn’t been a top level program for more than 25 years:)

  4. If The Buckeyes win The Ga_e this year, we beat _eatchicken.
    It’s a 1-ga_e streak as far as I’m concerned. Nothing else _atters. Not last year, not the last 100 years. Not next week, or the CFP playoffs. Not even the rankings.

    It’s just about the_,, TTUN. The Ga_e. It’s the here and now.

    GO Buckeyes! Beat those futher _uckers!!

    Weather comments: I get it. But consider this. _eatchicken has no ground ga_e. Buckeyes have the best D in the country. The best D line, the best D backs, really solid, 5-6 deep LBs- most i_proved unit on the tea_. Bring on the bad weather! I like tOSU’s advantages just fine.

  5. If Ohio State wins we will be tied with ttun for most wins in the Big Out House!

  6. wintry mix and wind has me wigged, to be honest, as it really negates some big Ohio St. advantages, like speed, athleticism, horizontal, speed plays and passing. looks like a real slog in a real slog of a state.

  7. In truth, Ohio already holds this record over even Boise State. Ohio State has been the winningest program by percentage for a long time and fell from first only after the university preemptively vacated 12 wins to avoid sanctions for the Tressel/Pryor NCAA violation which occurred out of season and had nothing to do with on the field play.

    So really I guess they will be officially taking back the record as the continue their strong tradition of winning.

  8. I’ll be honest I’ve had some health issues this week. I’m having trouble sleeping, find myself to be more anxious, have had a loss of appetite recently and an upset stomach. This seems to happen every year around this time, but the symptoms are more severe this year. The “high” that comes immediately after a win against Michigan is so euphoric! The symptoms go away, and it feels like a giant weight off my chest. The 4pm football games are some of the most relaxed and enjoying moments of all year. The beer goes down so smoothly and I end up finally having the BEST night’s sleep ever!. I really hope this happens again.

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