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WATCH: Harry Miller, Tyler Friday, Gavin Cupp On Rutgers, Chase Young

Ohio State football center Harry Miller

Rutgers week doesn’t exactly stir up the height of excitement inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

Sure, the Buckeyes are getting ready for this weekend’s game against the Scarlet Knights. But there’s much bigger news in the air right now.

For one thing, Chase Young will officially be back on the field for the Penn State game.

But the functional equivalent of a week off also gave some Buckeyes who don’t usually talk to the media a chance to do so.

Sophomore DE Tyler Friday discussed returning to his home state of New Jersey, as well as what Young’s return will mean to the defensive line unit.

Junior OL Gavin Cupp talked about the growth of the offensive line.

And true freshman OL Harry Miller discussed his growth and development, as well as some of his other interests. Those include Nicaraguan politics (really!), life as a mechanical engineering major, and more.

You can watch those interviews below.

Harry Miller

Tyler Friday

Gavin Cupp

Posted by The Ozone on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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  1. I liked the reporter’s comment at the end of Harry Miller’s interview, “Bring him out every week.” It is obvious that Miller can speak well, bringing depth and personal perspective to an interview beyond canned single syllable responses. Reminds me of the way Joshua Perry used to inform the press while at OSU.

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