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Three Things About The 2020 Ohio State Recruiting Class

Ohio State football recruiting Darrion Henry Lejond Cavazos Julian Fleming Paris Johnson Clark Phillips

I realize that the dust has not yet settled upon the 2020 Ohio State football recruiting class, but I want to add my name to the list of people applauding the job Coach Ryan Day and the other assistant coaches did in assembling this recruiting class.  A year ago, people were curious as to what kind of job Coach Day would do when given an opportunity to build a recruiting class on his own.  At first glance, Coach Day and the Ohio State assistant coaches brought in a group of players who should keep the Buckeyes in contention for B1G championships and possible College Football Playoff berth contention.

Below are some thoughts as I peruse the list of players who have signed to become Ohio State Buckeyes in 2020 and onward…

1. The Focus Upon Ohio ~ Coach Day repeatedly stated that Ohio would be emphasized, and he was correct.  Eight players signed, with three of those Ohio players being offensive linemen.  Granted, some of the Ohio players may need some more development time, but I like the idea of building up offensive line depth with Ohio kids who will probably stick it out for the long haul.  I am genuinely excited to see how Paris Johnson performs going forward.  I am thinking “The Blind Side”, but remade for 2020, and Johnson taking B1G defenders to The Block O section of Ohio Stadium.

2.  Replenishing The Secondary ~ Even with the defection of long-time commit Clark Phillips to Utah, Ohio State did very well with adding players to the secondary.  Lejond Cavazos, Lathan Ransom, and Ryan Watts will get every opportunity to contribute right away to an Ohio State secondary that will be in need for reinforcements in 2020.

3.  The Quarterback Battle ~ I have made no secret of my enjoyment of the Ohio State spring game.  Even though it does not count in the standings, I truly enjoy seeing the next group of talented players who get an opportunity to showcase their talents in the spring game.  With Justin Fields firmly ensconced as the starting quarterback, Chris Chugunov departing after this season, and Gunnar Hoak back again as a backup in 2020, I will be anxious to see how both CJ Stroud and Jack Miller do if given a chance to play in the spring game in front of the Buckeye faithful.  Either of them have a good chance of becoming the primary backup to Fields for the 2020 season, and it is plausible that one of them will become Ohio State’s starter in 2021.


3 Responses

  1. keep up the good work with timely news

  2. Very very good class. Only sore spot is RB…very odd we haven’t landed a top RB the last two years. We desperately need an all world 5 Star stud RB for the 2021 class (who is good enough to play as a freshman – a la Dobbins)

  3. Chip – thanks. But three is not enough and 10 is too many. So, here’s a few more (and yes, I tend to get Buckeye hangovers).
    4. THE is fast becoming WR – U. That haul was extremely impressive. Guys that can play in space and on the outside.
    5. Though no 5 stars, I like what appears to be an athletic linebacker group. The Cody Simon tape was impressive. Whatever defense we run in the next year or two I feel good about what’s in the linebacker room.
    6. Miyan Williams. It must have been difficult to put his ego in check (at least it would have been for me) to say yes to the Buckeyes as it seemed he was the “Oh well gotta take somebody” date. But, in the end it could turn into a great Bromance (mixing?) and there’s no rush to prove himself – he will likely be ready to compete in ‘21 – can’t wait to see how big that Chip is on his shoulder.

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