Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘I’m going to throw Tate Martell’s name in there’

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Skinning Cats

Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Alex Grinch has seen a lot of different ways to make sausage in his coaching career. He played for legendary head coach Larry Kehres at Mount Union, spent time in two different stints at Missouri with Gary Pinkel — who is the all-time winningest coach at both Toledo and Missouri, was on the same staff with Chip Kelly at New Hampshire, and eventually matriculated to Washington State and then Ohio State.

He has obviously learned a lot in his time as an assistant coach, and one of the major lessons he has taken to heart over the time is that while there are many different ways to do things, each program needs the proper leadership in charge in order to make things work.

“Number one, there’s a lot of different ways to do things,” Grinch said. “I would say the consistent thing over time from a success standpoint is the leader in charge has a foundation, has a philosophy, and everything that works within that organization either builds towards that, or that is at the forefront of every decision that is made on a day-to-day basis. And when it works, that is absolutely the case. And I’ve been very, very fortunate to be around strong leadership over the course of my career and will certainly continue that here.”

Picking Up What Gets Put Down

Junior defensive end Nick Bosa is one of the elder statesmen on the Ohio State defensive line. Now entering his third season as a rotational starter, his coaches are looking for him to lead his position group in every way.

Bosa is looking forward to the task. It doesn’t hurt that he had very talented leaders like Tracy Sprinkle, Tyquan Lewis, Sam Hubbard, and Jalyn Holmes ahead of him during his first two seasons. As you would expect, he picked up plenty from them and is appreciative of all of it.

“They just do everything right,” Bosa said. “Whether it’s the dynamic warmup or practicing hard every day, scout team. Just being able to watch them for two years and have them to just give me the mold of what — kind of like me and Joey in high school, just watching him when I was a freshman and he was a senior.

“He gave me the path and I followed it, and it’s kind of the same role that they’ve had for me. We have a group text, me, Tracy, Ty, Jay and Sam and we still talk. We all miss each other and they’re all lonely where they’re training. They miss it here too. They’ve just been really good to me.”

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Hopefully you aren’t tired of reading about the Ohio State quarterback battle yet this spring. If you are, you might just want to leave the internet for about five months.

With all eyes on the quarterbacks in practice No. 1 last week, it was fourth-year junior Joe Burrow getting the first snaps in the first drill. In the second drill, however, it was third-year sophomore Dwayne Haskins going first.

It wasn’t a surprise to not quite have a pecking order yet for the Buckeye quarterbacks, and Urban Meyer didn’t expect to have one this early on anyway.

“What you would expect is what I expected,” he said. “I think we all know Dwayne kind of finished the season and finished it strong against the team up north. Joe before his injury was neck and neck. So this is going to be trying to do the best we can to make sure that we have equal opportunity to compete. And I’m going to throw Tate Martell’s name in there as well. He’s earned the right to compete as well.”

Waiting to Hear His Number Called

Last week, Urban Meyer declared H-back Demario McCall the No. 1 returner for the Buckeyes on both punts and kickoffs.

The punt return game has not been great for Ohio State, but over the last two seasons, Parris Campbell has averaged over 30 yards per kickoff return. His last return, however, came in the Penn State game. He was “dinged” on the opening kickoff and ended up missing the next game. Concussion concerns removed him from the return game entirely, but he is once again getting the itch to return kicks.

“I’m prepared to do anything, honestly,” Campbell said. “I would love to be back there again returning kickoffs because I felt like I was one of the best to do it. If the coaches don’t want me to do it, I’m fine just playing H-back, or whatever receiver it is. But I’m definitely prepared for it for sure.”


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  1. I love Tate, but his winning the job this year would be worst-case scenario. Losing Burrow would be bad enough.

    1. Unless, of course, Tate wins the job and the Buckeyes win the B1G. Then it wouldn’t be worst-case.

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