Ohio State Coaches Moving At Own Pace in Quarterback Decision

Ohio State offensive coordinator Ryan Day Ohio State Football Buckeyes

After the first practice of spring camp, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said he “probably” owes it to Joe Burrow to have a timely answer on the quarterback situation.

The answer every time after that from Meyer or offensive coordinator Ryan Day was that there was no answer.

Even when spring ball came to a close, both coaches said they would need to look at the data first before coming to a decision.

While Meyer wanted to give Burrow an answer in a timely manner, the quarterbacks didn’t make things easy on the coaches.

When asked if their timeline had been adjusted by Burrow’s timeline as a possible graduate transfer, Day said they weren’t planning to speed the process up.

“Well, Joe has said that he wants to be a Buckeye,” Day said after spring camp. “And he is a Buckeye and he’s showed loyalty here. So, that really isn’t changing anything. We don’t play a game until September, so there is still a lot to be written that way with the preseason and all of that. But once we get through it, we’ll have a better idea.”

That being said, Meyer and Burrow have had conversations before spring ball and have also spoken since it ended. According to Day, however, they weren’t planning on basing their decision on the effect it could have on their roster if somebody was to leave.

“You trust the fact that guys chose Ohio State for a reason and they want to be a part of the brotherhood and they want to be a part of Nine Strong,” he said. “Being there for your teammate is a part of it. That is something we talk about all the time. How strong is your unit? How strong is the offense? The Brotherhood of Trust is important for us. That’s why we preach it all the time. Because in the end, it’s not about yourself. It’s about the team.”

Meyer and Day will eventually come to a decision, even if it’s no decision at all. If things are too close to call, the football is then in Joe Burrow’s court.

And even if Meyer did come out and say that Joe Burrow is the No. 1 quarterback heading into the offseason, he is still going to have to prove it all over again in fall camp.

“Regardless of how the evaluations come out, the guys will have to go into preseason and compete anyways,” Day said. “There is a month’s worth of practice coming up here. Regardless of how that plays out and who is ahead of who, they will have to go into the preseason and compete anyways.

“If you go into the preseason and you don’t do well, you will be impacted by that. It is a process.”

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  1. Quarterbacks at The Ohio State University

    Neither of these three Quarterback are
    The Perfect Quarterback.
    All three of them together
    Are the Perfect Quarterback.

    Don’t tell US You can’t play
    All three Quarterbacks.
    Haskins & Burrow alternate each Quarter.
    Martell comes in every Red Zone.

    If it is hard to prepare three Quarterbacks
    How hard would it be to prepare the
    Defense to combat all three Quarterbacks.?
    And how many Quarterbacks
    are going to be injured in the next two years?

  2. @John Miller probably one of the best observations and comments ever on the Ozone…I have questioned also if the OSU coaches have Burrows best interest in mind…we can talk all the rah, rah, take one for the team, its a brotherhood….and every other form of garbage but reality is this young man deserves to be the starting QB…if not at OSU then somewhere else where he will continue to hone his skills for the next level.
    Joe Burrow is a class act and has given OSU his all….if in the “infinite wisdom” of the coaches they deem him to be a second string player he will move on….what would be poetic justice would be if OSU plays Joe’s team and he torches them outshining Haskins like he did in the spring game!

  3. Read the post by Doug Leedy. He is dead on!!!!

  4. I wonder if coach Day would say no to a head coaching position at a power five school and say he would rather stay at Ohio State and miss out on millions of dollars? That’s what they are asking Joe Burrow to do by not letting him know if he will be the starter or not. Stay at OSU and backup Haskins instead of seeking his opportunity elsewhere. If they are truly interested in what is best for the student athlete they will give Joe an answer soon.

  5. At least JB might be satisfied that they are so pleased with his play that they haven’t informed him yet. Seems right now that the fall practice will determine who plays and if that’s the case it would seem a little late for JB to transfer.

  6. I think the decision will be that it’s too close to call (which is actually the case), putting the ball squarely in JB’s court. The decision will be his.

  7. Give the both a full half in each of the first 2 games…pick the guy that plays best.

  8. I wondered when that scholly went out to Saunders if Joe and Urbs haven’t already made a decision.

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