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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Instant Reaction from Ohio State’s 62-39 Win Over Michigan

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr give their instant reactions from Ohio State’s 62-39 beatdown of the Michigan Wolverines. How did the Buckeyes do it and how did Michigan help them? The fellas cover it all and answer plenty of listener questions in the process.

Every day this past week we put out a new episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast previewing The Game, and if you would like to go back and listen to those, you’ll get plenty of insight into just how this game happened.

The Monday show was a bunch of listener questions from Buckeye fans wondering just how badly the Wolverines were going to destroy Ohio State. The Tuesday show was a discussion of what Urban Meyer had to say this week in the lead up to Saturday’s matchup. Wednesday’s show was essentially a preview of the game by Tom Orr and myself, which included a discussion of Karan Higdon’s guarantee of a victory. Thursday’s show may have been the most interesting because it was all about the concerns that Michigan fans sent to us about this game, and it essentially told the story of how this game ended up going. Friday’s show was me and Tom talking about what had to happen for the Buckeyes to win and pretty much everything we talked about happened. Give them a listen if you’re not yet bored with The Game.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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    what team has been top 5 recruiting class for the past 6 years.
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