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Silver Bullets Podcast — Transfer QB Haul, the Draft, and Noon Games

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We’re back for our May offseason edition of the Silver Bullets Podcast and, because we know nobody can get enough of it, we have lots more quarterback talk for your listening enjoyment. Chip and I discuss Ryan Day’s transfer haul and how Ohio State made out about as well as it could in the QB department, all things considered.

We also discuss some of the future quarterbacks, how the Buckeyes will continue to be affected by the post-transfer portal world, and how a couple of Big Ten quarterback commits have decided to poke the bear well in advance of taking their beatings against Ohio State.

We also break down how Ohio State players did in the NFL Draft. Who went where? What were the surprises? What the heck were the Giants and Dolphins even thinking? We have the answers to some of those questions. We’re pretty sure the Washington Redskins will end up happy with a couple of their picks.

Finally, we talked about the possibility of more noon OSU games in the future on FOX. We’re a bit split on that topic but we’re not fighting over it.

If you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the air, just hit up myself or Chip on Twitter and use the hashtag #SBPMailbag

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  1. I’m impressed to know any game’s time at a reasonable period ahead of the season for a selfish reason, planning. I am a member of an OSU Alumni Association that plans activities like bus trips or a game party at a bar, etc. to help raise scholarship money for our club. It sure sells tickets sooner to our events if you can lock in the time with the potential buyer. Right now, I’m interested in the Cincinnati game with a bus trip planned. Help us out ole wisdom one from the University. I am aware of the strangle hold the networks have on every top program across the land but enough is enough.

  2. I’m not a college student anymore but I’m NOT a fan of noon games..the build-up and excitement of the later afternoon and evening games and the night atmosphere is WAY more exciting than a noon time scheduled game..would hate to see all the big games that early…bad decision …

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