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Predicting the Big Ten West

There’s definitely a comfort level with me when it comes to picking Big Ten East outcomes that does not exist with the Big Ten West. Perhaps it’s from the Buckeyes’ schedule and seeing a majority of East teams play on a regular, week-in and week-out basis. That’s not to suggest that I’ll predict more games right in the East than the West, but, well, yea I will.

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Silver Bullets Podcast — Minnesota Rewind, Slant Passes, and Purdue Preview

Wins are great, but man is this year’s undefeated Ohio State team winning in ways that are making the Buckeye fan base want to rampage. With a 7-0 team after a 30-14 win over Minnesota, all the discussions seem to be about the poor running game, the broken defense, and the lack of any kind of ideas on the coaching staff’s part…